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Visual connection in its widest meaning is rooted in history. It goes back to the time when man hunted for sustenance and applies a flower to the feet of an animal, was closely perceiving a graphical masterpiece. He was glancing at the animal with his/her mind’s eye. Therefore, graphics have had a very close association with human life for a long time and its presence is still obvious. Graphic design is the title given to a series of activities related to designing, combining and mixing letters, creating illustrations and images, and using them for generating publicity.


is an artist-driven advertising studio that includes talented designers and programmers. Keep in touch with us if you want a high-quality design, executed with love and passion.

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donyadideh studio graphic design
donyadideh studio graphic design

Logo | Brand Design

The logo is a symbol or representation of a trademark, so its design is of crucial importance. A well-designed logo will be a powerful and invaluable representation of a commercial wordmark. Therefore designing an effective logo for a trademark requires more innovation and tremendous effort compared to other forms of graphic artwork.

Catalogue Design

Catalogs are booklets introducing goods, services, accommodation sketch, etc. Catalogs are presented by manufacturers or service providers to provide generic information about the goods or the services to the customer.
Advertising catalogs allow managers and business owners to pursue their goals and fulfill them. This invaluable communication resource provides the audience with important and comprehensive details appealingly and interestingly and basically, using catalogs makes the information transfer more appealing and pleasant.

Packaging | Label Design

Package design is a combination of art, industry, and technology to improve the preservation, transportation, marketing, and utilization condition of a product. The product package is any type of container in which the product is released to the market and/or through which the necessary information is transferred to the consumer.
Packaging is, on the one hand, an art, a science, and a technology to prepare goods for shipping and sales, and on the other hand, it is a means to ensure the safe delivery of the product to the end consumer in best conditions and at the lowest average cost. The package should be designed in a way that the customers are made easily aware of the contents and have no difficulty with carrying and preserving it. That is why it has a key role in marketing and the sales process.

Office-Set | Identity Design

Office papers or office sets Refers to the collection of letterheads, business cards, and envelopes. Additionally, items such as note papers, flashcards, credit/personnel cards, equipment labels and … can also be designed.
An important point in the design of the office paper set is the necessity of visual harmony in all products. In other words a specific identity should exist in letterheads, business cards, envelopes, personnel cards …

Billboard | Environmental Design

Billboards are large boards that provide governments, industrialists and goods suppliers with a proper space for their announcements. Generally, any external space in which advertisements can be set up is called a billboard. But today it is mostly ascribed to large lighted boards which are installed on the high bases so they are observable from long distances.

Fold | Brochure Design

Panel-based brochures have their pages folded one over the other and in the end they are put at the audience’s disposal in the form of a set of folded pages. The main feature of these brochures is not needed binding the pages together. Their binding is done by folding lines. The number of pages and the site where the brochure is presented are among the determining factors in choosing the folding style. Brochures with a small number of pages presented in exhibitions are released in tri-fold templates. Infold based brochures, the page layout is similar to books or publications. The main difference between the fold based and tri-fold template is that in the form-based pages next to each other cannot be seen all together in one glance and the pages are not attached. However, in the trifold template, it is possible to see half of the pages in the brochure in one glance.

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