The E-Commerce and Online Store System.
E-commerce System

Shop Dashboard

All the important information available at a glimpse. Get a full overview of shop information, recent orders, monthly report, top sales, top hits or recent reviews. Quick access to any store manage sections.
Unlimited Products

Unlimited Products

No Matter if you want to sell 1 or 1 000 000 products, MaxShop has your back.
Unlimited Categories

Unlimited Categories

Create unlimited categories / subcategories and assign products to them.
Customizable emails and messages

Customizable emails and messages

All of notification emails and messages can be managed and customized easily as you expect.
Report Sales, Product List, Category and Brand

Report Sales, Product List, Category and Brand

You can keep track of sales and products of your store by dates, weeks, months or years easily with Reports system.


Inventory Manager

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Manage stock

Each product in your store has its own stock. When the stock reaches zero, the product will automatically set to out of stock.

Stock status display

MaxShop offer you to display the stock information or out of stock status of product when it is out of stock.

Batch stock update

This allows you to update stock of multiple products in Batch to save your time. So instead of open products one by one to update stock, you can choose multiple products from the list to update their stock just one time.

Auto update stock - Low stock notification

Stock of a product will be updated automatically when product is ordered. And you will get automatic notifications from your store for products that are reaching the low stock threshold. It will help you replenish the stock.



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Easy find - Easy buy

With MaxShop, customers can find the expected products easily by using filters, quick Search.

Easy Tax

MaxShop allows you to setup different tax rates that apply to customers from different locations based on Geo Zone. So you can sell your products to customers from any where in your country as well as over the world.

Multiple currencies support

Display and sell products in multiple currencies. Allow customers to buy in the their expected currency. MaxShop updates the currency exchange value for you automatically.

Multiple languages

MaxShop supports multilingual out of the box. you can enter the data in multiple language for your store.

Compare products

Customers can add products to the compare list to view their information to compare them before decide which product to buy.

Wish list products and store cart

When customers view products in your store, they can add products to the wish list or the cart to checkout later if they want.


Powerful Products

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Product options

Options are extra selections that customers can choose for a product before adding the product to cart. Suppose that you have a fashion store, each product will need 2 options: Size and Color with some different choices for Size as S, M, L or for Color as Green, Blue, Black, etc. Then Product Options can handle that perfectly.

Product attributes

MaxShop allows you to add any information types of product and display that information to customer easily use Product Attributes feature. So customer can group these information and compare between products to find the expected products.

Product tabs

You can add more tabs in product details page to display more different information for each product as Videos, Attachments, Documentation, etc. easily.

Comment and Rate

Users can comment on any product with their social network accounts or rate and comment on any product without having an account on the site.


Views of the MaxShop

  • MaxShop | Hossein Donyadideh
    Admin Dashboard
  • MaxShop | Hossein Donyadideh
    Shop Page and Product Filter
  • MaxShop | Hossein Donyadideh
    Product page
  • MaxShop | Hossein Donyadideh
    Cart page
  • MaxShop | Hossein Donyadideh
    Checkout Page
  • MaxShop | Hossein Donyadideh
    Comparison Page
  • MaxShop | Hossein Donyadideh
    Advanced Shopping Cart
  • MaxShop | Hossein Donyadideh
    Login and Registration Page
  • MaxShop | Hossein Donyadideh
    Customer Dashboard Page
  • MaxShop | Hossein Donyadideh
    Customer Orders Page
  • MaxShop | Hossein Donyadideh
    Customer Billing Page
  • MaxShop | Hossein Donyadideh
    Customers' Favorite Page
  • MaxShop | Hossein Donyadideh
    Customer Addresses Page
  • MaxShop | Hossein Donyadideh
    Customer Survey Section
  • MaxShop | Hossein Donyadideh
    Mobile View


Discounts & Marketing

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Coupon code

Increase sales by offering discount coupon codes. Run promotions and attract more customers by giving them discounts when checking out.

Voucher code

Retain customers by offering them redeemable vouchers. Offering a voucher encourages customers to come back and purchase more products.

Quantity discounts

Offer discounts to customers for bulk purchases. So BUY MORE to get LOWER PRICE.

Customer group pricing

Sell your products at different prices to different customer groups of your store.

Social sharing / Invite friend

Allow customers to share products to popurlar social networks. It also allow customers to invite more their friends to view and purchase the products.

SEO optimized

All of MaxShop pages on the front-end side are designed in the best way for SEO. It is using advantage of the Microdata / Rich snippet for product.


One Page Checkout

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Simple & quick one-page customer checkout

With MaxShop, the entire checkout process is painless and uses Ajax technology that walks through the customers step by step without refreshing the page. Customers can place orders quickly and with confidence.

PDF output of invoices and reports

Receive PDF invoice output for the customer and site manager with support for all languages (Persian, English, etc.)

Shipping Methods

MaxShop supports multiple built-in shipping plugins which allows you to define shipping cost for your store based on different shipping rules easily.
Free Shipping
Flat Shipping
Price Shipping
Item Shipping
Flat Item Shipping
Weight Shipping
Quantity Shipping

Responsive & Retina Ready

Responsive & Retina Ready

Everything is fully responsive and works perfectly on every device.
Fast Loading

Fast Loading

Very fast loading speed, with minimum consumption of server hardware.
Customization Style

Customization Style

The possibility of customization for the employer with any appearance style for the front of the website.

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